Wednesday, 8 January 2014


For a while now I have been contemplating making something quilty with wool fabrics. Been amassing wool for the purpose over the past year or so... now started on designing the blocks and making them. I'm making 'quilt as you go" blocks as that is what I enjoy most,  manageable sized pieces  that can be completed as you go though the project, giving a real sense of achievement, small enough to be portable and completed in a day, with the hand sewing done in a couple of evenings. Such pleasure hand sewing with wool, so soft and pliable, and also nice and warming on the fingers!
I am working on the blocks in stages, stitching around the appliqued designs with perle threads before the wadding goes on, then layering the wadding and quilting the background, this makes the applique stand out proud from the backgound fabric.

Then I am layering in the backing - brushed cotton or the quilt will weigh a ton- and doing more stitching in the background, which will give another 'layer' to the stitching. This quilt is going to be part of the Embroidered Garden project, which I am hoping to get completed by March this year for an exhibition. No pressure.....

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