Wednesday, 19 February 2014

A week of Hand Sewing

Happy embroidering

fingers flying this week, a fourth wool block and a finished table runner- Cherry Blossom- featuring a 3D blossom and some simple piecing that uses up 6 left over Jelly Roll strips. One keeping my hands snug as I work on it- though I am having to fight the cats off as I sew- and the other reminds me that Spring is on the way-just ask my Robins, busy building a nest.


  1. Wow, Kate - I love your summer paintings, so vibrant. You must be so pleased with the whole set now complete and looking wonderful together. Am loving your work on wool - it seems to really suit the applique process somehow. I notice you have Tracey Chevalier coming soon - I just read The Last Runaway (purely cos of the quilting theme!) but really enjoyed it. xCathy

    1. Thanks Cathy! Yes, she is coming in September and I am busy working on some projects to teach the week of her talk that reflect some of the imagery/patterns in the book, including a red/white/green applique design. Very exciting!I really enjoyed the book too.x