Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Wool Quilt - progress!

The third 'tree' block is finished.

Today has been an exciting day- yes, I get very overcome when I reach the 'putting together' stage of a quilt. I have now made five blocks for the wool quilt, which will have three rows of three 'quilt as you go' panels. I decided to sash with brushed cotton, the quilt is backed with that too, using up a load of scraps.

Pretty dull work piecing all the little bits together, but worth it once the sashing starts, now to hand stitch the back seams in place, then one more flower panel to create and two rows will be done...


  1. Well, I keep saying it, but this woolly work is looking so great. I think I may prefer it to quilting with cotton fabrics - but maybe that's cos I am sitting in a freezing cold room and just looking at it makes me feel cosy! It is going to be FAB U LOUS when it's all put together! xCathy

    1. Cathy, I am loving using the wool-working on the third flower block today, then I will be able to put the first two rows together, which is a very exciting prospect! xKate