Monday, 10 March 2014

Hand stitching time

 Lots of projects on the go- some in my head still, some drawn up and some being made. The wool quilt continues- third flower panel finished, so now I can put that row together. One more row to go, all drawn up and ready to sew.

Catching up on the UFOs too, another Autumn Leaves block cushion that needed to be finished, I  had got thoroughly fed up with coming across it, half done. I get so guilty about unfinished projects...I really could not let myself get to Autumn this year and not have it finished to put on the sofa with its partner! Glorious Spring weather this weekend and I am sewing Autumn Leaves...


  1. The wool throw just gets better and better and I have always liked the way you use autumn leaves, as you know! xCathy

  2. I think I have now worked out what to put in the final row Cathy- the design is changing as it goes along! Now the scary bit of sashing it all together begins....XKate

  3. oh my gosh, this is wonderful! I've always seen you on Fishink's blog, finally thought I'd check you out. Going to 'Follow' this.