Saturday, 5 April 2014

The Excitement of a New Project

 Always exciting working on new ideas, either for a class or for a more personal piece, hard to resist starting a new project before the previous one is finished, but must be really tough on myself and finish the wool quilt BEFORE I start this new quilt.
 I was up at the Creative Stitches Show yesterday on the Missenden Abbey stand and sneaked off to get some more of the lovely linen threads I had purchased at Olympia the other week. I was cross that I had not purchased more then and was delighted when I spotted the Namolio stand just near where we were. The thread is gorgeous, really lustrous linen and the colours absolutely glow. I suspect it will be a bit challenging to stitch with as it is meant for crochet, but I can't resist trying. This is going to be an intensely pieced and embroidered hanging,  lots of lovely hand stitching. It started off as a little line drawing based on a painting, then a more detailed sketch, then a sketch of the final layout- though there is lots more work to be done on the piecing design. This is followed by the lovely task of selecting fabrics and sorting threads...oh, the excitement of colour and textures.

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