Friday, 18 April 2014

Time galloping past

 Time accelerates. Everything in the garden starts the real big push towards Summer and if you miss your chance it can all get right out of hand!
 Teaching last weekend in Dorset at Pauline's Patchwork in Poundbury. Lovely shop, lovely ladies and some kick-ass Kimono Cushions were constructed. Back there in October, two new dates have been added, so if you want to make the Christmas Cottages Runner, book now, while there are still some spaces left.

 Home to sort out the garden before it is too late. Fortunately the weather has been glorious, so I can spend time out there happily pottering, though a chill wind is blowing today. I have decided to plant more tulips later this year. One cannot have too many tulips-apart from the bright red monsters that overwhelm every other colour in the garden! I am back outside to do more sorting or possibly inside to catch up on some exciting hoovering. Meanwhile, I leave you with some of my tulips.

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