Friday, 16 May 2014

Long-distance quilty goodness

This week in Pittsburgh it is the Spring Quilt Show- any fabric junkie like myself yearns to get to one of these HUGE trade shows and see what is happening in the world of quilting.Twice year, Spring and Autumn the biggest quilt shows in the known universe happen. The city for Spring moves each year, but the real 'biggie' happens in Houston in the Autumn. One day I might just get to one of these shows, in the meantime I spend happy times googling photos of the shows, which are rarely large enough to see all the detail, but better than seeing nothing.

You can catch a peek at the latest fabrics out, the most interesting designs and enjoy the enticing layouts of the stands. A real long- distance quilty goodness buzz!
 The photo is of one of the designs I have been working on recently- a one day class for Missenden Abbey next year,where I will also be teaching City and Guilds Patchwork and Quilting level one. VERY exciting...

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