Saturday, 17 May 2014

Plotting and planning

 Just as I was getting my garden as I wanted it, we are on the move. So, after going through a week or so of thinking I would not take ANY plants with me, I am plotting and planning. Hellebores. I love hellebores and now have lots of them, mostly grown from seeds of the plants I put in ten years ago. Hellebores do not like to be moved around too much and anyway, I can't dig up all 40+ I picked all the old flower heads and now I am slowly stripping out all the seeds- the weather is lovely that sitting on the bench in the garden doing this isn't much of a chore.

  The warmth has brought the alliums out really early this year, again, I have sown seeds from the flowers each year, from a single packet of bulbs I now have them all over the garden! I will take seeds from these with me too.

I am starting to think about the plants I will take and the list is growing...but each one has a reason- colour, pattern, shape...not sure how I will move some of the ferns as they have HUGE roots, but will try to take some of them with me.

 The sadness of leaving this garden just as I was getting it exactly how I wanted it is tempered by the excitement of new possibilities, though, as yet, I have no idea what the new garden will be like, but I do know some of the plants that will be in it...

I shall be very sorry to leave the wild bees.They are in their ninth year living in their nest right at the top of our unused chimney and this Spring they are looking really healthy, I love to have the garden full of busy worker bees and hear them buzzing around the nest entrance high above my head. Their honey must taste of hellebores and alliums and they have done a wonderful job of fertilising my new 'ballerina' apple trees. Perhaps in the next garden I can have a hive or two....


  1. Oh no! Where are you going? Hope you're not going to move from here too! Looks like you'll be able to stock up your new garden with memories of your old one, which is the way it should be! I know what you mean about those U.S. quilt shows ..... one day! Until then, we drool over the pictures all over the internet! xCathy

    1. Not sure where yet Cathy, but the sea may well be nearer! Still very much in the planning stage...x