Monday, 12 May 2014

Sunshine and Swifts, join me in my Front Garden.

 This time of year I get edgy awaiting the arrival of the Swifts. The first week of May and there they are, suddenly, as if from nowhere, shrieking and swooping over the garden. I particularly love to hear them first thing in the morning and the transience of their visit makes it all the sweeter. We have had some gloomy, wet and windy weather of late and the Swifts have been in  around, but not shouting for joy. All change this morning. A clear, bright sunshine and shadow morning and there they are, calling and tumbling through the sky. We are moving through Spring and into Summer. I so enjoyed walking around my front garden this morning, hope you do too.


  1. The garden is lovely, so lush. Remind sme of my parents dacha of course. I wish I could go there this year, but having some other important event coming :)
    All the best with gardening, looking forward to see more.

    1. We had so much rain this past Winter and such heavy showers all this month, everything is super-lush and growing madly! I think I can guess your event...good news!