Sunday, 29 June 2014

A weekend away - have quilts, will travel...

I have spent most of this weekend away in a little cottage in the middle of the countryside...not that far from home, but very different. I was asked to take part in the Chiltern Open Air Museum's Arts Fest Weekend and I got to spend the days in this fabulous little cottage. Built of a very area specific material, Wychert. Nearly 200 years since it was first built and the re-build at the museum is almost completed after several years of painstaking craftsmanship. It is an extraordinarily beautiful domestic building. No space is wasted, light comes from more than one direction and the three rooms are all different shapes, which somehow makes them feel larger than they are. What really struck me was how the cottage somehow worked best with people who were shorter, people the size it was built for. Anyone close to 6ft looked like a giant and just did not 'fit' the rooms, but 5'4" and under- perfect. The proportions worked. It was a real pleasure to sit listening to the ticking clock, enjoying the view through the rooms,

admiring the textures of the original tiled and hand made brick floors and wychert walls whilst stitching all weekend.
What was I stitching? You will find out later this week!

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