Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Here comes Open Studio

 It is that time of year again, not quite sure how it came around so fast, it seems like it was February only last week! Open Studio will be upon me in ten days time, so I really do need to get VERY busy. Today I made a dent in the card making and lino cut print making mountain. I have a HUGE list of things to do- not least making the studio a bit tidier in readiness- so really should get on and just work through them all. After the weather disaster of last year that meant the visitor numbers dropped right down I am sort of wondering why I am getting so worried about doing sufficient preparation, but perhaps this year the sun will shine again and numbers will be overwhelming...right, I'm off back to my rollers.


  1. eek, are we to expect snow then?

  2. Snow is the very least you can expect! Last year was so windy, hail-filled and wet I had to keep the studio door shut with a notice letting people know it was actually open, didn't want the arctic blast from the NE, rain and ice to come in! Get your galoshes ready!X