Friday, 6 June 2014

June Garden

We have had rainy days and sunny days, sometimes it feels like more of the former, and the combination of wet and steamy warmth have made the garden grow like crazy....turn my back for a day and it is FULL of leafage! Today was a glorious June day- textbook June weather. My wild bees atop the high chimney are thinking of swarming again this year. I love that wild honey bees live in my house. They are no trouble, they live right at the very top of a really tall, unused chimney and are so helpful fertilising my plants as they look for nectar and pollen. I have them to thank for the little apples swelling on my apple trees and the currants and berries on my bushes. I can't wait for the first berries to ripen- fresh picked berries for breakfast, warm with the morning sun. Fabulous!

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