Monday, 16 June 2014

Sunny morning

Today it is a beautiful June morning- sunshine,puffy white clouds, bit of a chill breeze but the Blackbirds have been shouting since around 4am so they aren't worried. Why is the weather so lovely today? Because it is my 'day off' from open Studio. Grey and mostly raining all weekend when I was open! The 'Curse of Open Studio' is working its weather magic again this year. A few brave souls arrived through the persistent drizzle yesterday, but it has been very quiet. So quiet I got some lino cut- it was noticeable that the temperature dropped during the day as the lino got harder to cut- but by the end of the day I had finished cutting and played around with some trial prints.


  1. I think I have just read about five of your posts at once - you have been busy whilst I've been away! Needless to say I love the glimpse of your new quilt. And your lovely little Lino cut cards are so sweet. If I had made it through the elements to your beautiful studio (envious!) I would have bought EVERYTHING! xCathy

    1. Hello Cathy,I am enjoying the new quilt- though it is a bit of a step into the void as I am not quite sure of my idea will work out! X