Friday, 25 July 2014

Done and Delivered!

Around midnight last night I tottered upstairs and into a cooling bath after a long day of hand sewing in 30 degrees plus- a day that followed several other hot days spent with an increasingly compete quilt on my lap- a quilt that Team Tabby just kept wanted to sit on!
Up to London to deliver the two nec quilts this morning. Remind me NOT to be stitching right up to the deadline next year...the colours in the photos are not true to life- I raced out to record the quilt as the sun was setting and it played havoc with the colour balance!


  1. So beautiful. I love the embroidery. X

    1. Thanks Maggie, the quilting around the borders doesn't really show up in the photos- there is a LOT of it! Kx

  2. Gorgeous!! Good Luck with it. The buttons are the best bit (not really!!). xCathy