Monday, 21 July 2014

Scary Sewing

 I have until Friday to finish my quilt for the NEC show. I had planned to have plenty of time to make my two quilts this year, but had not realised I would be distracted by the time consuming matter of a potential  house move. So, here I am RACING to the finish. Today was Scary Sewing Day. Having spent weeks embroidering and piecing the central panel it was time to add the surround. The surround has curvy top and bottom panels. I had just enough fabric to make these panels and knew that if I messed up then central panel would have been a complete waste of time as I would have no chance of making another surround in a fabric that was 'right'.
 The two curves had to be PERFECT.
 Perfect FIRST TIME.
Oh, the for more hand stitching......

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