Tuesday, 8 July 2014

The best laid plans....

 It never ceases to amaze me how inanimate objects can conspire against one when there is a positive shed-load of work that MUST be done RIGHT NOW . You clear the diary and think, "two lovely empty days next week for me to break that back of that project". Wrong. Two days for things to occur that you really, really do not want to occur even on days when there isn't a load of work needing doing. Having sorted everything that needed sorting yesterday morning I was wandering through the kitchen towards my sewing when I spotted a yellowish puddle on the floor. Immediately I was cross with Team Tabby- how could they be so lazy and ill mannered on a Summer's Day when entry and exit to the outside world are so simple, how could one of them have done this? As I bent to soak it up with some kitchen paper a drop landed on my head....not Team Tabby, how could I have imagined that such polite cats could be so gross? Hot water tank.
 Towels on the floor, bowls beneath the rapidly growing strip of drops congregating on the ceiling. Turn off stop cock- remove everything from cupboard under sink, needed tidying anyway, can't turn off stop cock, aaaargh!, won't force it, will only make things worse if that starts spurting water everywhere...phone gasman, will be here asap. Start to investigate exactly where the water is coming from...lift carpet from front of airing cupboard, pool of water under hot tank, dripping into the floor below through the hole the pipes come up. AAAARGH! Many towels stuffed hastily in to soak it up. Whilst doing this I feel water dripping on my head.
I go further up the tank. There is a little pool around the immersion heater top. More towels. I start removing the shelves and contents of the cupboard so the gasman can get to the various stop cocks and pipes. The pipes all have lovely thick lagging tubes on them, so I remove them one by one. The final one is on the pipe that bends itself into the top of the water tank. Out spurts a jet of hot water. I hastily put the insulation back on as I do not want the water spraying the whole cupboard and wrap it in more towels....two hours later the gasman arrives and rebuilds the pipework, in the interim another drip crack has appeared in the ceiling downstairs, but the ceiling is in no danger of falling, thank goodness!
 All sorted now, shelves re-built and back, contents back and we now just have to wait for the drying out to happen over the next few weeks then paint the ceiling. The good thing about this is that I was going to be away yesterday and today, so would have come home to a flooded kitchen with its ceiling on the floor. The not so good thing is that no sewing got done and I was hoping to post some 'finished' photos today of the centre of a quilt I am working on to go to the NEC show. Here are some 'work in progress' photos instead!

 Fingers crossed for a quiet day today.
 Once I finish washing all those towels.

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  1. Gorgeous quilt and those buttons tone in so well, (says she!). I know what you mean about real life getting in the way of things - stressful to say the least!