Monday, 18 August 2014

Arriving Early

Autumn. Yes, Autumn. The season is changing early this year. The Geese have arrived, five skeins of them honking past the window early one morning, the garden is full of the sound of Robins setting up their territories by singing and nagging at each other, the swifts are gone and the colours out there are on the turn. We are still weeks away from full-on Autumn, but the air has changed, the seasons have moved and with the cold North wind this morning it isn't only the cats looking longingly at the radiators! Fred spent much of yesterday huddled in his basket- when he wasn't pointedly leaning against a radiator- and Rita disappeared underneath the duvet on the spare bed. A bit of a change from only a few days ago when they were spending  leisurely afternoons lying on their backs with their legs in the air in the sunshine on the gravel of the drive. Mid August and seems like the only Summer we will get now will be an Indian Summer. Time to re-open the sock drawer and dig out the cardigans. I do hope it doesn't get too chill at night as my random tomato is about to really get into its stride and produce ripe fruits. Random tomato? Yes. No idea what sort it is, decided not to grow my usual greenhouse full of tomato plants this year as we are moving house and as it looked like this would happen in September, when the plants would be producing their crop, I decided that a glut of tomatoes to sort out at the same time as moving house might just be a bridge too, no tomato plants at all. One morning whilst watering my front door pots of phormiums and grasses I noticed a tiny tomato plant sneaking up from the compost. Being soft-hearted I left it, thinking 'it will never come to anything'. We then had a couple of weeks of really sunny hot weather and boy, did that plant grow FAST. Before I knew it it had flower buds and how could I resist the thought of a few fresh picked, home-grown tomatoes? It could be a baby from seeds in my compost heap from last year's tomatoes or it could be a seed from a shop tomato or it could be a completely random arrival. I love surprise plants, especially edible ones.

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