Friday, 22 August 2014

Crumbs, another year, GONE!

 It is Flower Show Weekend. Can't believe we are at Flower Show weekend already- the year has whizzed by. This evening I will be making my way down to the hall with my buckets of flowers to put together my final entry for the local Horticultural Flower Show. We will be moving away after 42 years- apart from four years in Holland- in the same small town. For most of those years I have been a visitor to the Flower Show and for at least the past ten years, since I got a good sized garden, an exhibitor. The past few years I have won a cup and it has become a bit of a challenge to try to win it every year- there was one lady I recall from my youth who won it every year for about ten years in a row...looks like I won't make it into double figures, but going to have a final try this Saturday. It is always fun going out early the day before picking for the display, everything is very well into early Autumn this year, so there will be plenty of seed heads and fruits in the arrangement.

On the appliqué front, I have finished the three blocks and put them together, making the first row of the "Runaway Sampler ' knee quilt.

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