Friday, 15 August 2014

Festival of Quilts

 Almost recovered from four days at the Festival of Quilts. I stuck to my shopping list, despite forgetting to put it in my bag, saw LOADS of quilts, did some classes and as I was stewarding for a couple of hours most days met lots of lovely people as well as meeting up with some online sewing chums in the flesh- which is always great fun.
Which quilts really caught my eye? Well, there were an awful lot of quilts but the ones I really liked were definitely in the 'traditional' style, though playing with a modern interpretation and I for one would love to see some gallery space given over next year to an exploration of how traditional quilts are being re-interpreted, either by using really modern fabrics or playing with scale and arrangement- there is so much exciting stuff happening that has its roots in traditional piecing and I felt that there was a bit too much emphasis on experimental quilting- way into the art textile end of making- and that the balance needed to be redressed as many quilters still love going back to the roots of quilting design for their inspiration. Goreous though many of the things on show were, I did long to see a bit more 'trad' inspired work! the quality of my photos is pretty grim- the heavens opened on Sunday morning when I was going round before the show was open taking photos and the light levels were awful and I had my old camera without the anti- camera shake widget...

I love the 'cotton reel' block and this bright and cheery version with foundation pieced reels and applique and some chunky hand stitching really made my heart skip.

 A beautiful hexagon quilt- all hand pieced- the hand quilting on this one was beautiful.

This joyous quilt proves beyond doubt that one can never have too many spots and stripes in the stash. But especially spots!

Really simple piecing, loved the little buttons in the centre of each block and the controlled colour range. So restful.

This was a panel- smashing use of stitches and limited colour range and trapunto.

The technique of this quilt- which was a prize winner- was awesome. Stunning precision, inventive use of ric rac, fabulous use of levels of 'puff' and as for the immaculate edging and the use of! all this and jolly too- sometimes a quilt can be so technically perfect that it goes 'dead' but this one was all singing, all dancing. Fabulous.

I am a hand stitcher, but loved that machine stitched take on a whole cloth quilt- at least, it looked machine stitched- if it wasn't, hats off!

Not usually a fan of quilts made from old jeans, but this one used the faded denim so effectively.

So, which one would I bring home with me? The prize winning quilt was fabulous, but a bit scary- I could never let the cats near it- so I think the spotty wheels would be be a more sensible choice.
There was another glorious quilt all in cream and soft gold, but it was so badly lit I couldn't get a photo that did it justice, another quilt that no cat should ever get near to, but that I yearned for. So, spots it is!

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  1. Some very unique amazing quilts there. Thanks for showing me.