Monday, 8 September 2014

Bridport Hat Festival

 This weekend was the Bridport Hat Festival. I always love visiting Bridport, I have family there and it is set in the most wonderful countryside, has fabulous beaches nearby full of fossils, the food is great and there is always something fun happening in the town - including the awesome street market.  For the past four years the Hat Festival has taken place at the start of September and I always look forward to going there to sell my hat pins and meeting up with 'regulars'. I end up missing all the outside fun as I am behind my stall, but so many people come in to the Arts Centre that we stall holders get to see almost everyone and their hats over the course of the day. A lot of my hat pins found new homes, so I was a happy stall holder! I would have loved to have stayed down there for longer, especially as we have Indian Summer weather this week, but there is so much to get done in the next few weeks, I needed to get back to my needle and thread.

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