Monday, 17 November 2014

A pause,

I was going to post photos of stuff I took to the Show,which went well, lovely to meet lots of quilters and has intervened, the house move we were hoping for has gone completely awry in the worst possible way and I just have to get my head around that for a bit.

Monday, 10 November 2014


The West Country Quilt Show is THIS WEEK. Yes, Wednesday is the day that the show goes up, ready for the public to visit on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Last Friday I did some double checking on my gallery space, agreed at has morphed into a MASSIVE 25m!
Whilst this is fabulous in one way, it is scary in another. Fortunately I realised when I measured every single thing up carefully that I had 'over catered' and had enough, with a few reserve pieces added into the mix, to fill that space pretty much completely. Had a scary few hours working it all out though!
One more quilt to complete tomorrow, well, later today if truth be told; it is 2am and I am so busy with thoughts buzzing in my head that sleep is eluding me. I would be machining now, but I think the other members of the household might have something to say about that!
I will post photos of the gallery, but at the moment, too busy preparing for many new pictures...see you on the other side!