Monday, 17 November 2014

A pause,

I was going to post photos of stuff I took to the Show,which went well, lovely to meet lots of quilters and has intervened, the house move we were hoping for has gone completely awry in the worst possible way and I just have to get my head around that for a bit.


  1. Chin up Kate, I am crossing fingers for a good outcome. xx

  2. When an elderly estate agent tells you it is the worst one he has come across in 40 years, you know it really IS pants Toni!

  3. Oh god! Sounds awful. Have been trying to email you but they're stuck in out ax of laptop cos no broadband. Have been to all those spots in Ed you told me about. Love it! What's happened with you though? The whole process is a nightmare I don't want to repeat for a long time! Try to have a nice Christmas. Thinking of you. XCathy

    1. Hello Cathy- it has been hellish! We are about half way through the process now- hoping the move will be over -apart from all the building/decorating/etc- by mid-March.Will have taken a year to get from a to b! NEVER again!!! Good to know you are enjoying Ed- love it there.
      Kate x