Friday, 30 May 2014

A Woolly Reject

I got really excited when I sketched out the ida for this block and I thought it would be one of the blocks in the recently completed Wool Quilt, but it didn't fit in. I set it aside then got a bit carried away with the stitching and buttons...mmmm...I'm thinking of a new idea to use this, a wool quilt for the Autumn...I love it when ideas that don't quite fit develop themselves

into brand new ideas.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Wool Quilt- DONE!

 I have loved making this quilt, the softness of the fabrics in my hands as I sewed it block by block, the coziness of the whole quilt over my knees as I sashed the blocks together and stitched the edge binding. It took a lot of hours, not least as Team Tabby, now a team of three, also enjoyed the softness and coziness of the wool and the instant they saw me working on it, would dive onto my lap to sit on it or under it.

Sometimes one at a time, sometimes all at once. Keeping your stitches invisible and regular when there is a cat sitting on the work and one either side of you on the arms of the chair, trying to wriggle under it, is not ideal. Fun, but far from ideal. Many an evening I set out to stitch and ended up just cuddling a cat! I shall rather miss this project, but can't wait for the Autumn chill evenings/early mornings when I will snuggle under it. On to the next hand stitch project- there are lots of other things being made, which will appear here soon... I have been itching to start on the next one-well, if I am honest, two- quilted projects. This one will be going to the show at the NEC in August, I shall try to ensure there are no Tabby hairs in evidence for the show, but I am sure some will sneak in!

Friday, 23 May 2014

A broken heart.

Today the Glasgow School of Art went up in flames. Just about anyone who has studied Art and Design in the past century has probably wished in their heart that they had studied in that wonderful building. A building that inspired, warmed the heart and fed the soul. How could one not be the best one could in such a place? The two iconic Art Schools of my imagination-the lost Bauhaus and Glasgow.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Plotting and planning

 Just as I was getting my garden as I wanted it, we are on the move. So, after going through a week or so of thinking I would not take ANY plants with me, I am plotting and planning. Hellebores. I love hellebores and now have lots of them, mostly grown from seeds of the plants I put in ten years ago. Hellebores do not like to be moved around too much and anyway, I can't dig up all 40+ I picked all the old flower heads and now I am slowly stripping out all the seeds- the weather is lovely that sitting on the bench in the garden doing this isn't much of a chore.

  The warmth has brought the alliums out really early this year, again, I have sown seeds from the flowers each year, from a single packet of bulbs I now have them all over the garden! I will take seeds from these with me too.

I am starting to think about the plants I will take and the list is growing...but each one has a reason- colour, pattern, shape...not sure how I will move some of the ferns as they have HUGE roots, but will try to take some of them with me.

 The sadness of leaving this garden just as I was getting it exactly how I wanted it is tempered by the excitement of new possibilities, though, as yet, I have no idea what the new garden will be like, but I do know some of the plants that will be in it...

I shall be very sorry to leave the wild bees.They are in their ninth year living in their nest right at the top of our unused chimney and this Spring they are looking really healthy, I love to have the garden full of busy worker bees and hear them buzzing around the nest entrance high above my head. Their honey must taste of hellebores and alliums and they have done a wonderful job of fertilising my new 'ballerina' apple trees. Perhaps in the next garden I can have a hive or two....

Friday, 16 May 2014

Long-distance quilty goodness

This week in Pittsburgh it is the Spring Quilt Show- any fabric junkie like myself yearns to get to one of these HUGE trade shows and see what is happening in the world of quilting.Twice year, Spring and Autumn the biggest quilt shows in the known universe happen. The city for Spring moves each year, but the real 'biggie' happens in Houston in the Autumn. One day I might just get to one of these shows, in the meantime I spend happy times googling photos of the shows, which are rarely large enough to see all the detail, but better than seeing nothing.

You can catch a peek at the latest fabrics out, the most interesting designs and enjoy the enticing layouts of the stands. A real long- distance quilty goodness buzz!
 The photo is of one of the designs I have been working on recently- a one day class for Missenden Abbey next year,where I will also be teaching City and Guilds Patchwork and Quilting level one. VERY exciting...

Monday, 12 May 2014

Sunshine and Swifts, join me in my Front Garden.

 This time of year I get edgy awaiting the arrival of the Swifts. The first week of May and there they are, suddenly, as if from nowhere, shrieking and swooping over the garden. I particularly love to hear them first thing in the morning and the transience of their visit makes it all the sweeter. We have had some gloomy, wet and windy weather of late and the Swifts have been in  around, but not shouting for joy. All change this morning. A clear, bright sunshine and shadow morning and there they are, calling and tumbling through the sky. We are moving through Spring and into Summer. I so enjoyed walking around my front garden this morning, hope you do too.

Friday, 9 May 2014

All change...

Been off the blog for a few weeks, lots of work, lots of gardening and loads preparing for a major change...I'll be back...