Tuesday, 10 February 2015

New Year, New House Move Hell...

 Last week I thought everything was sorted with our house move at long last, then our buyers pulled out .... sigh. I have decided that I am doomed and should just do some sewing instead.
So, what am I working on? Designs based on Penny Rugs, I am using heavyweight brushed cotton backing fabric and felts, though any fabrics would work for the designs. I am designing three panels that can form a wall hanging or part of a quilt, single panels (18" square) would work on their own as cushions and one of the designs can be made as a proper Penny Rug. I am having great fun working on these and will be making up printed patterns for them for sale once I have finalised the designs.

Far from finished and rubbish photos- but you get the idea! I am hoping to find the time to do some fabric versions too.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Still here...

...and there. Currently stretched between two houses- one I am sorting and packing and one I am preparing for moving into. Starting to feel confused about where I am and what day it is...another month and we should be moving at long last and it will be into a house with a working boiler and electrics if all goes to plan! Busy busy busy...normal service will resume eventually!