Friday, 20 March 2015

Easter Chick Kits

This week I have been working on a new  hand sewing felt decoration kit- the Easter Chick. Fun working it out and I end up with some nice decorations for the house too!

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

On the move

The van is booked and we are moving regardless of selling. I think I must, in some previous life, have offended the gods of house moving mightily. We are about to enter the second year of attempting to move house and we find ourselves, at the end of a year of house selling and buying, with one more house than we had at the start of the process....we thought we had sold our old house a couple of months ago when two people who had been thinking about buying for months and months got suddenly into a race to buy...then the race winner dropped out  and the loser didn't want to play any, back to square one. It is starting to get to me now, too much uncertainty for too long.
But one thing I am certain is that my garden bench will look very cheery this Summer with two Tula Elizabeth cushions adorning it!

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

In between the wall paper stripping...

We are moving and currently I am bouncing back and forth between two homes, one I am packing and one I am getting ready to move into and I have very little time- or energy- for much other than The Move. But the Spring sunshine was so lovely this afternoon I dashed outside to photograph this cushion cover before it went on its way to Sewing World Magazine, made from Tula Pink's new collection 'Elizabeth' the colours just glowed in the dappled light and matched my 'distressed', i.e. in dire need of painting, garden seat perfectly. I am a big fan of Ms Pink's designs and this new range is really fun, she is so good at chosing her colours and the different scales and textures of her designs are a joy for a quilter to use.

Back to wall paper stripping now- two weeks and counting!