Monday, 8 August 2016

That time again...

Yes! It is the week of the Festival of Quilts. I didn't get to the show last year, so I am rather excited about it this year.
I completed my two quilts on the morning of the final day for handing them in- nothing quite like a bit of pressure to focus the mind and fingers!
I was in such a  rush, the photos were rather basic and I clean forgot to take a picture of the second finished quilt...

But I did tackle machine quilting, though could not resist a little and stitching too. On both quilts!
See you at the Festival.

Friday, 22 July 2016

Working my way through...

So much little time...the builders are here and a great distraction it is too. Quite apart from the jumping up and down making tea and coffee and baking and the dusting and hoovering...but determined to get ahead of myself, or at least catch up.

I have finally finished updating my website and it now has details of all the classes - well, nearly all, I keep thinking of new ones- that I currently offer. There are photos and details of the class content and you can contact me if you want to know more.

 I am exhibiting there again this November and will have on show projects using the blocks and designs I offer in my classes as well as other new things, so if you want to see what has been in the making since I was last there, come along!
I am teaching every day in my gallery, hand stitched felt Christmas decorations, class details on the website, as are booking forms.

The next big task is getting all my patterns revised and up for purchase as pdfs on the site, hoping to do this before the end of this year, might not get all of them done, but there will certainly be a selection ready to go and many of them will be on sale at the West Country Show.


Planning a sampler quilt along for next year, based on my Spring Sampler, some images below- must dash, two quilts to finish by Monday evening!

Friday, 8 July 2016

Lost and Found

 My quilt came home! It was only small and got itself lost amongst larger quilts, it was so lovely to have it come back to me after resigning myself to its never being seen again. A HUGE thank you to everyone at lady Sew and Sew for searching for it and returning it to me.

 I am just about to start on quilting my thistle table runner. I find quilting the scariest bit, even scarier than cutting. I have been pondering how to do it for a couple of weeks now, wondering if I should combine hand and machine stitching or not, will I stitch in the ditch...shadow quilt...oh the decisions! I am not in love with machine stitching, but want to experiment with using the solid line a machine gives and contrasting it with a hand stitched line. I have to get up tomorrow and just START.

 Summer is proving more elusive than my little quilt, it keeps stopping and starting and ever since I got my serious sun hat out it has done more of the former. But the hat has, as you can see, its uses... we have had a couple of still warm evenings and I was out taking photos of flowers as the light disappeared, I love the grainy quality and the way colours really resonate.

Monday, 13 June 2016

A missing Quilt! HELP please!

The project for a Quilt Centre that I showed you a few weeks back has gone missing, if anyone comes across it, please let me know. All hand stitched in thick and thin multicoloured threads, appliqué made from wool felt, the block is a 24" x 24" square and has a light mauve edge binding that matches the felt flowers.
I may have left it behind at a class or meeting, someone might have picked it up and have it. If you see it anywhere, please contact me as it represents weeks of stitching and I do not have the time- or heart- to re-make it for the West Country Quilt Show in November.
I last recall seeing it the week ending May 7th.



Sunday, 5 June 2016

Is it Summer yet?

 Been struggling to find the Summer this past few weeks! Today, finally, it looks like we may have made it and my tender plants, optimistically put outside a couple of weeks ago, might no longer need a blanket at bed time.
 No shortage of quilts and blankets in this household. I decided not to make a rod for my own back and do three quilts for the Festival as the builders arrive in a week or so, I reduced my entry to two.
One of them is foundation pieced and is not the idea I was intending to do, it just sneaked up on me, inspired by some of the flowers coming into bloom in the garden. Sometimes sneaky ideas are a nightmare to make, other times, they work. This one, so far, is one that is working, despite the over a hundred pieces of paper foundation piecing!

 Knitting has happened too- I recently went through all my, I admit, considerable stash of wools and was brutal with my pruning. I kept only the really good stuff I know I can use, the rest- all those odd balls kept 'just in case' went to a craft Charity Shop, someone will love those wools. I never thought I would be pleased to have completed knitting a four ply Shetland wool tweed cowl and had the weather to wear it in May, feeling so cold that I went on to knit matching fingerless gloves, but this May it was COLD.

And then there were more...

 tulips..I was teaching the Quilt as You Go Tulip Block I showed you in my previous post at Lady Sew & Sew and my Scandinavian inspiration block, also featuring a tulip. I was so inspired by the blocks the ladies made that I am now embarking on a quilt using the tulip motif - all machined, which is unusual for me, but I have to conquer my fear of machine quilting!
 Also sampling some little projects for classes for The West Country Quilt Show in November- one hour long, hand stitching, all materials provided, felt embroidered decorations.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Third time lucky.

Did you notice how it all went quiet? That was because I was knocked sideways by a hefty dose of Bronchitis. Have not felt so ill in ages and ages, I even went off my food, which is practically unheard of. Getting back to normal now, still tired and having some bad days, but on the whole, back with it.

Been starting to get stuck into sewing, the Autumn Harvest block was completed and the second one is ready to stitch.

Made a felt and wool appliqué panel on brushed cotton- eventually I think this will become a quilt centre.

Realised that my little chicken Trapunto panel was such fun when put with the tulips that it has turned into an ongoing  Spring Sampler project, of which more later.

The Tulip block then got developed further on its own and became a Quilt as You Go thing being ill over the Winter made me realise was that I have a stash of fabric that needs to be used up, so this year I intend to make a start on it and this tulip block is perfect for using up scraps and jelly roll strips left over from other things, so, stash busting, here I come!

Another project I want to make a start on is sewing along with the Splendid Sampler- also great for making headway into the stash- I have printed out instructions, but as yet, no blocks completed! Three quilts to finish for the Festival of Quilts- Autumn Harvest will be one, the Spring Sampler another and the third is still in my head-then I can relax and enjoy...oh once the new projects for the West Country Quilt Show are underway. Who was it said that I was going to take things more easily in 2016? Did I mention the building work that will destroy my sewing room? mmm, interesting times...

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Gettting going again, fitfully...

 Don't know about you, but I have had a Monster Lurgy this Winter, it has lurched on, coming and going, all the year so far. Every time I think I am better, it comes back and bites! But, slowly, I am getting some ideas turned into reality.

 Three new class projects for this year are taking shape.

One in woven brushed flannel and wool felt with hand stitching for Creative Quilting in East Molesley, right opposite Hampton Court Palace, on Saturday April 23rd. Here is the block in progress- it is machine pieced then the felt shapes are appliquéd and embroidered and the piece is hand quilted, makes a lovely cushion front. This particular piece is going to become part of a quilt. There will be three different designs to choose from on the day, this one is 'Mountain Ash', but there will also be a 'Horse Chestnut' and 'Oak' version. Pieced by machine, then worked with hand stitching, lovely fabrics to work with in your hands.

 The two other classes are for Lady Sew and Sew in Henley upon Thames: the classes are on  Thursday 5 and Friday 6 May: the two projects are designed to go together, so if you come to both you will have pieces that work as a small wall hanging or a runner, if you do only one class, you will have a cushion cover/table mat. Again it is a mix of machine and hand work, we will be covering three techniques-Trapunto, English Paper Piecing and Foundation Piecing. Here is a sneak peek at some of the elements of the two projects.

All of these classes are suitable for all skill levels, come along and try something new! If your Quilt Group would like to have me come along and teach any of these projects, get in touch.

Monday, 8 February 2016

Exciting Developments

At the moment I am rather running to stand still as I have a LOT to catch up on, but something good  happened at the end of last year and that is this!
I was asked if I would put together a couple of Workshops and do an interview for My Gingerbread Man Christmas Decoration Workshop went out in December, the Appliqué Flower panel will go out next month and last Friday my interview went live.
And yes, I am excited!

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Goodness, where did that time go to....

Hello, well, that was not a good time.  I am back, just about, starting to get myself together on the making front. Will start to show you things as I do them. Been a long time away, but gradually getting back into the swing of things.
Here's something to be going along with- a block from my Wool Quilt that I developed further into a pattern for, who asked me to record some workshops for them in November last year. Very exciting! This workshop will be coming soon, in December my Gingerbread man featured and from the 5th February you can see me being interviewed with  some of my quilts. I so enjoyed re-making this block for them that I ended up making four...and four blocks is almost a knee quilt...