Sunday, 5 June 2016

Is it Summer yet?

 Been struggling to find the Summer this past few weeks! Today, finally, it looks like we may have made it and my tender plants, optimistically put outside a couple of weeks ago, might no longer need a blanket at bed time.
 No shortage of quilts and blankets in this household. I decided not to make a rod for my own back and do three quilts for the Festival as the builders arrive in a week or so, I reduced my entry to two.
One of them is foundation pieced and is not the idea I was intending to do, it just sneaked up on me, inspired by some of the flowers coming into bloom in the garden. Sometimes sneaky ideas are a nightmare to make, other times, they work. This one, so far, is one that is working, despite the over a hundred pieces of paper foundation piecing!

 Knitting has happened too- I recently went through all my, I admit, considerable stash of wools and was brutal with my pruning. I kept only the really good stuff I know I can use, the rest- all those odd balls kept 'just in case' went to a craft Charity Shop, someone will love those wools. I never thought I would be pleased to have completed knitting a four ply Shetland wool tweed cowl and had the weather to wear it in May, feeling so cold that I went on to knit matching fingerless gloves, but this May it was COLD.

And then there were more...

 tulips..I was teaching the Quilt as You Go Tulip Block I showed you in my previous post at Lady Sew & Sew and my Scandinavian inspiration block, also featuring a tulip. I was so inspired by the blocks the ladies made that I am now embarking on a quilt using the tulip motif - all machined, which is unusual for me, but I have to conquer my fear of machine quilting!
 Also sampling some little projects for classes for The West Country Quilt Show in November- one hour long, hand stitching, all materials provided, felt embroidered decorations.

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