Friday, 8 July 2016

Lost and Found

 My quilt came home! It was only small and got itself lost amongst larger quilts, it was so lovely to have it come back to me after resigning myself to its never being seen again. A HUGE thank you to everyone at lady Sew and Sew for searching for it and returning it to me.

 I am just about to start on quilting my thistle table runner. I find quilting the scariest bit, even scarier than cutting. I have been pondering how to do it for a couple of weeks now, wondering if I should combine hand and machine stitching or not, will I stitch in the ditch...shadow quilt...oh the decisions! I am not in love with machine stitching, but want to experiment with using the solid line a machine gives and contrasting it with a hand stitched line. I have to get up tomorrow and just START.

 Summer is proving more elusive than my little quilt, it keeps stopping and starting and ever since I got my serious sun hat out it has done more of the former. But the hat has, as you can see, its uses... we have had a couple of still warm evenings and I was out taking photos of flowers as the light disappeared, I love the grainy quality and the way colours really resonate.

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