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Please note: this is a work in progress, over the next weeks and months patterns will arrive on this page! Thanks 
This is the page for Patterns for my free projects and links to the larger project patterns available to purchase through my website and online shops.
All patterns come with a cover photo of the finished project, written instructions with diagrams and line drawings for templates.
 Most patterns are fairly easy to make- they have to be, or I wouldn't be able to make them- but I do suggest if a project is  'beginner', 'confident' or 'smarty pants' and indicate how time-consuming it may be!
 You will need some basic quilty sewing knowledge to make this stuff- ability to sew in a straight line is good, do running stitch, blanket stitch, sew a hem, use an iron  and make tea/coffee/gin and tonic.
 Just remember: do the straight line stuff BEFORE the gin and tonic stuff. No rocket science level quilting, as that is beyond me.
I like to piece using my machine and quilt by hand, but that's just me. All of these patterns can be made using just the machine or just your hands. You can use any style of fabrics you want for them, you don't have to do the same as I have, but I do make suggestions for fabric types that suit particular projects.This is merely a guide, not set in stone.
 I have a stash ( I bet you do too) and fabrics purchased years apart get put together for projects because they work together- those hours spent taking out your stash, stroking and re-organising your fabrics are not wasted, you will be working out a scheme for a project. Let's face it, if we all used the same fabrics for the same projects life would be very dull indeed, just go for it and make it how you like it. That's what I do.
 A word about threads- I use a neutral cotton thread for piecing. When I quilt and embroider I love to use space-dyed threads as it makes the work look way more complicated than it is and brings in touches of different colours, both for machine and hand quilting. If machine quilting with one colour only I like to use Sulky silky finish threads, the shine means they show up better against the fabric. My favourite hand threads are Japanese Shashiko cottons, Coats perle cotton and Valdani space dyed cottons. I use Shashiko needles for quilting with any thicker threads and applique needles for everything else- I just get on best with applique needles, but if I want really tiny stitches I use a quilting needle. You will find the needle that best suits you, try out different sorts, took me years before I discovered the joy of applique needles.

Please note-
not for commercial use/re-sale.
I retain the copyright on all patterns, photographs, drawings and instruction notes.
If you want to reproduce all/part of any of my work please ask for permission first.
Thank you.
CAFETIERE COSY AND COVER: published in the Modern Quilting Bookzine 2012