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The Embroidered Garden project is something that has been running around in my head for ages: after a visit to Parham House in Sussex earlier this year it came into focus. I've been wanting to do some work inspired by 16th and17th Century gardens and woodcarving: creating paintings and possibly some embroidered/needle-crafted pieces, perhaps  embroidered gloves. The embroideries at Parham made the ideas fall into place: I shall be doing some paintings, but there will also be an embroidered garden based on samplers- samplers that show stiffly formal people in their best clothes standing amongst trees laden with fruits, fountains, wild animals and giant insects, magical gardens full of richly decorative plants fruiting in abundance, glowing colours and a cheerful disregard for relative sizing.
Each piece of the garden will be displayed in a gold box frame, like a small theatre stage.
 I am expecting this project to take at least a year to finish as I shall be working on it alongside other things, I shall post photos of it here as it progresses.


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